Robot Designs?

My team and I are deciding what robot design we should go for. We currently haven’t had one good design yet. Our mentor said we should go for a defensive robot and everyone else on my team agrees. But I want a robot that has a high capacity and can score big. I am the only one who wants it done. But I have put too much time and effort into the project I am currently working on. So let me know what your opinion is.

If your going to go with a defensive strategy, you need to make sure that it is a strategy that is going to work, and that is going to be able to do what it is set out to do. For example if you are going to make a wall bot, try to make it expand to the right size, account for how other teams will react and stratagize against your robot. In the early season it is going to be hard to make a really good defensive robot, because it just hasn’t been done that much, and its much easier to approach the game offensively. If i were you i would do what every you think is best, but just from experience, offensive robots are going to be more likely to be in finals round early on. Also having a strictly defensive strategy, could cause you to lose many qualification rounds, etc, putting you in a low rank. Hope this helped.

Well our main strategy for our defensive robot was to descore with a rake style system. Have a 3 point axis arm and just have a robot be like that. So I argued with him about SP’s. Well he said that he didn’t care. He only said that we should help satisfy what teams need the most. Well thanks for your help.

well with a defensive robot you have to play the game of trying to impress other teams, its going to be very hard to be highly ranked, let alone focus on SP’s, if you can only descore. One good example of this was 2W from last year. Though they did not win many qualification rounds, and they were ranked like 80th out of 100, they managed to impress team 569. And they went on to win the world championship. Its going to be hard to be highly ranked, and win qualification rounds if you can’t score. But the descoring strategy will play a HUGE roll in elimination rounds. defensive has as pros and cons, just make sure you capitalize on what you can do well, and try to sell that to other teams.