Robot Disconnecting

Last competition I had a problem with our robot; I could turn both the controller and the cortex on and they would connect perfectly. After about 20 seconds of driving the robot would stop taking commands and repeat the last command given to it, ex. driving forward. Once this happens you lose control the robot. However, all three lights on the controller are still green. The only way to stop the robot is to shut the controller off. I use easyC, if that helps.

Things I have tried:
replace battery
replace backup battery
swap from 2.0 keys to 1.0 keys.
degrade from firmware version 4.0
use different keys
re-download program

please help:(

This could be a field control system problem or a VEXnet problem or some other problem problem. Judging by the fact that it kept on repeating the last command, it probably disconnected from VEXnet connection. Did the lights stay green or did they change after a few seconds?

Another issue could be the field control system, although this seems very unlikely, as when the robot is disabled (on purpose or by malfunction) it should cut motor power and coast to a stop. If you experience problems, just unplug your controller from the field control and it runs in normal driver control. Just make sure you stop completely at the end of the match, or better a few seconds early to be safe.

This problem also happens when the controller is not plugged into the field. the lights stayed green the whole time. I found the only way to reconnect to our robot during a match was to restart the controller multiple times. Could it be a problem with the program?

Got IME’s on your robot? Sounds like what happened to one of ours, and it’s supposed to be from static discharge messing with the Cortex through the IME’s.

This happened to us at our competition yesterday as well, we don’t use IME’s though, and we use RobotC

So I don’t think this is just isolated to a RobotC or EasyC or even IME’s

We have them on our robot however we are not currently using them. Would it be a problem that i am always giving 20 power to the motors on our lift?

No. Likely it’s what I said; a problem with the IME’s.

You said you aren’t using them? Take them off, see if your problem goes away. There’s a code fix somewhere that I don’t really understand. But if you aren’t using them and had no plans to, just get rid of them.

From my experience, EasyC and IME’s don’t mix well.

I have had the exact symptoms you have described when using IME’s, even when their are just plugged into the brain.

I just let the IME’s sit in a box and use other sensors.

Ephemeral_Being beat me to it.

If all the leds are staying green, then it’s not static/IMEs causing a user cpu crash. Perhaps you are stuck in a loop checking encoder counts or something like that.

Can you post your code.

What are IME’s? Trying to learn!

IME stands for integrated motor encoder.

Product page:

IME means Integrated motor encoders

how would one do this?

sorry im new:o

Find the EasyC folder with your project files, compress that folder to make a zip file, add that as an attachment (use the button that looks like a paper clip) to a post.

Look at this
the same problem. Things our robots have in common, pneumatics, vex 2.0, and a gyro. maybe one of those are causing it?

Thank You:D

[ATTACH]8124[/ATTACH] (3.67 KB)

Your code looks fine to me. I would put a small wait in the driver loop (like 10) so that the brain can rest a bit.

I have encountered these symptoms countless times–motors not responding until the brain restarts while all lights remain green–with multiple codes, multiple robots and I have also seen teams encounter the same issue and reach the same conclusion. the two common factors have been essay-c and IME’s. whatever the problem is, it magically disappears when the IME’s get unplugged. this even worked on a robot that had it’s encoders plugged in but they weren’t used in the code so that no code change took place in the process of decommissioning them.

The problem seems more intensive on competition days, but then again all problems seem more intensive on competition day anyways :rolleyes:

I have only seen this problem with essay-c so it could be a bug of some sort.

Sorry to dig this old thread out but i just confirmed that this is why the problem was happening. When i unplugged the encoders everything worked… now my question is, how can i use IME’s. Will swapping the cortex work?

Maybe not. We had a few teams with this and a new cortex did not help.

yea, i tried it and it still does not work.:frowning: Anyone know the problem?