Robot Driving Issue?

When you are driving the robot using the joystick (when the robot is not programmed/autonomous), should the blue LED on the VEXnet keys (for both joystick and cortex) be flashing blue every couple of seconds? It is on our joystick, but not our cortex.

Currently we are not able to get anything to move using the joystick.

Don’t think so, I believe they should be solid. Have you paired your robot to the joystick?

What are the lights on the front of the controller and joystick showing? Does the robot work if you connect the joystick and controller with the USB A-A cable instead of VEXnet keys?

Get a USB to USB cable and connect it to the cortex and the joystick. I think there should be three colors in the joystick and two in the cortex. This will allow you to link the joystick and cortex, then you put the vex keys and check it.I f it the lights don’t show up you might want to find another vex key to try and pair them up.