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I decided to post it here also just in case someone has any comments or things to add -

Hi, during a scrimmage yesterday in one game our robot did not enable in driver control (after it successfully completed autonomous), we are not sure as to what happened as the robot was connected fully but was not enabled

My team are now wondering, what procedures are there to ensure that this does not happen at worlds?

And what should happen in these situations -

  1. the robot does not enable due to a lose connection between the controller and field control on the playing field

  2. the robot does not enable for any apparent reason

Thank you, we are just seeking answers as we do not want this to happen to us (or any other team for that matter) at the world championships.

Please note that we are not trying to blame people, but to simply find out what to do in this situation.

I most competition I’ve been to, and only 1 robot fails. Its usually become a user error - sucks for you type of situation. This really shouldn’t be a big issue at worlds, as this is much more common for teams not using VexNET.


the robot was fully connected and it ran autonomous, the code had not changed since the last game, only it was not enabled - what user error could case this? any help is welcome - oh, we are also using an up to date cortex system

not too sure if this is competition legal, but can you try quickly disconnecting the “game” cable and connecting it again?
i never tried it before and i don’t see why it isn’t “in the spirit of the game”. you are merely trying to make your robot function and not for ex cheat in autonomous

Was your alliance partner enabled? If so the problem is pretty much isolated to your robot or joystick or possibly a bad cable between your joystick and the field control (but that should be obvious if other teams are affected at the same station). The signal that enables your partner is the same one that enables you, so if your partner is enabled you can be quite sure that the rest of the field system is working properly.

A referee could penalize you if you do that without permission. Also, perhaps more importantly, I think the joystick will reboot if you disconnect the cable, and reboot again when you reconnect it. So, you might be causing yourself more trouble by trying that.