Robot Erratic Behavior

Our robot has been going through some erratic behavior in autonomous mode. In some instances, it does not receive signal from the Integrated Motor Encoders or Potentiometer and in rare occasion, it runs random motors that aren’t supposed to run. Whenever this happens, the robot will continue to run when turned off as long as the USB cable is supplying power and it will continue to run when disabling it with a competition switch or a competition switch simulator. This usually occurs after a while of programming, when testing the autonomous routine that is already on trial. I think that the battery power may be involved, but I’d like to find a safe solution to this problem. Does anyone know what’s going on???

Check out this post here:

This sounds like the issue you are experiencing. Try download the new firmware linked on that page I posted and see if you still experience the same issues.

Or upgrade to the latest version of ROBOTC (V3.51 as of today) which includes that fix and many more.

This is assuming you are even running ROBOTC, if you’re using EasyC then give us all the version information.

Sorry, I didn’t mention that I was using EasyC V4 For Cortex version