Robot Events Filter Not Working

Is anyone else having difficulty Filtering on Robotevents?

From the main page: robot competitions -> Vex Robotics Competitions -> State/region drop down -> (for me) Indiana -> filter

then nothing happens?

i’ve tried my wifi and mobile and both failed.

Yes – broken.

who runs support for that page?

You can send an email to

On a related note: I was looking for tournament results and those seem to be missing. The awards are still there, but skills and matches are gone. At least at the 5 tournaments I have looked at so far.

I was notified that they are working on the broken Filter issue.

nice to see all that extra money from all the price increases is going to improve their web infrastructure.

eh, stuff breaks. It happens.

I know. I am just glad to see how quickly they fix things with all that extra money going to this. It is probably already fixed. I have total confidence and trust in them and their ability. RECF is rocking it.

uh i think you dropped this “/s”

sarcasm aside it is fixed.

I’m not happy about the price increase either, but some thing just take a little time to fix, no matter how much money you have.

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