Robot Events Game Scheduled

In the past the game scheduled was released a week or a few days before a tournament so teams can view their matches in advance and can know who they are facing and what qualification matches they play. With the new robot event update, the scheduled does not get released until the day of the event. So i was wondering if this will get fixed or will this stay like this.

In the past, if the Qualification Match Schedule was posted on Robotevents prior to the day of the event, it was because the event partner had downloaded the teams from Robotevents and had run the Tournament Manager with directions to upload to Robotevents at the time they ran Tournament Manager. That was not a feature of Robotevents (and still isn’t), but was a result of the choice made by the event partner. As a long time event partner, I don’t post the Qualification Match Schedule early as there is the possibility that a team withdraws from the event at the last minute (happened this past Saturday (11/12/2016) at a Middle School event that I ran). This would cause the event partner to rerun the Qualifying Match Schedule and what would have been posted earlier would no longer be correct anyway.