Robot Events Team Lists

So I haven’t really heard anyone talk about this and it might be an interesting discussion topic. Has anyone noticed that this season the robot events team list is no longer alphanumerical? It’s not random because I’ve noticed trends on where teams show up on lists so there must be some method to the listing but I’m not really sure how they are determined. Like even some schools with the same number are separated on event pages and it’s a little weird imo.


The count of teams registered in the top right used to not work either.

The way team lists are presented now is based on how old the team is — when did that team first register ever.

This would be the default sorting for an SQL database (by the autoincrementing ROWID, which effectively corresponds to when the team was first added to the database). Well, that’s my theory anyway. Basically RECF needs to sort the rows after getting the query result from the database.


This makes a lot of sense, that’s probably the way it works. Kinda see the connections now like some of the teams I know are band new show up at the bottom while our number (quite old, probobally from toss-up or something) shows up near the top.

Edit: Actually this might only be partly correct or something because I see a number formed in skyrise above a number made during gateway.

Whenever there’s some weird issue on a website, it’s always safe to assume it’s a bug in the SQL code.

I haven’t extensively validated my (actually @leeto_of_troy’s) theory; it just seemed correct at a glance. Team numbers actually worked differently back in the day, so there’s a possibility the team was formed at that time but just changed team number later.