Robot FPV!

So we had just finished competing at our second Ohio event this weekend. We recently bout a GoPro to record match footage with so I decided to put a few of my favorite moments together in a first person point of view. Forgive the video editing but its interesting to watch. A lot of it is going and collecting bonus balls or hitting into other robots. Enjoy!

Thats pretty cool, a little bit of perspective :3

good job. what kind of shooter do you have

I love watching from the robot’s perspective :slight_smile: Your robot looked cool :smiley:

We achieved our four lowest that competition: 23, 46, 5 (!), and 73. We scored 45 and 42 in our robot and programming skills, respectively (down from our previous 127 and 62 :)) It was pretty cool to see different robots because we usually compete in middle~western Ohio events.

I remember seeing your team + robot! We never allianced but your robot was certainly eye catching! And I’m glad you uploaded this - it’s the first VEX FPV video I’ve seen!

Also, I spy myself in the background :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies! It was something new we were trying and thought it turned out well. Hopefully our next event will go better and we’ll have even better moments!

we have a single flywheel spinning max 4000 rpm. It loads from the front and brings the ball thru the robot.