Robot going halfway on the gold platform and having back wheels on their color, does it count in autonomous?

During autonomous, our robot goes past the blue platform and its front wheels go on the yellow platform, but the back wheels are on the blue, so will the autonomous points count?

That’s legal. :blush:

As long as you don’t cross the line, of course.

Yes <I don’t feel like messing with the 20 char limit right now>

on the platforms, you’re only considered “crossing the line” if you are scored as center-parked. As long as something on your robot is touching either the alliance platform or your field tiles, it’s legal to touch/be on the center platform.

The previous replies are correct, but let’s look at why. The relevant rule here is <SG3>:

<SG3> Stay on your side in Autonomous. During the Autonomous Period, Robots may not do any
of the following:

  1. Contact the foam tiles on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Autonomous Line.
  2. Contact the opposing Alliance Platform.
  3. Become Center Parked

You’re concerned about clause 3. Let’s also take a look at the definition of “Center Parked”:

Center Parked – A Robot status. A Robot is Center Parked when it is:

  • Contacting the Center Platform.
  • Not contacting any Alliance Platform.
  • Not contacting the foam field tiles or white tape.

Thus, mere contact with the center platform is not enough to violate <SG3>, and the robot behavior you describe is legal.