Robot Grammar

On my team, we always come up with different names for things, such as shaft collars are now called metal donuts. We came across a silly question and I wanted to see what you guys thought. What is the plural of autonomous. Is it autonomouses or is it autonomi?
Please don’t say autonomouse programs, because that is the proper way to say it. We just want your opinion of the two choices.

Autonomous programs :^)

i just refer to them as “autos”

Yes, that is proper, but we don’t always use proper grammar at robotics.

I is well at use gooder grammaring.

We never say autonomous, on my team we always say either auton or autons.

Autonomous in VEX is short for “autonomous program.” If you want to say you have multiple you can say you have more than one “autonomous programs” to imply you have more than one programs for auton. But, although grammatically incorrect, many of us say things such as “what is your autonomous’s” or “how many autons do you have?”

YM “grammering” of course.

Why is a new thread created about this every couple months

It’s simply Autonomice

That’s good too.




… Autonomen


I say auton/autons.

Here we go again. I say autonomi.