Robot has been off after pre-auton

After coding an auton selector, I tested it without being plugged into a competition system and it worked perfectly. Whenever I select an auton while the competition cable is plugged in, a message appears on the LCD saying “Disabled” next to a timer. It will not run auton or driver control after this point, the timer keeps going. As soon as I unplug it from the Driver Interface, it works perfectly in driver control. I already checked for an infinite loop in the pre auton function, there is none. Any way this issue could be resolved?

Send the code so we can help

We had this problem during our last competition, and it turned out that we forgot to name our cortex so the program wouldn’t run in a match.

The robot is disabled so neither auton or usercontrol will be running.

There’s a flag you can set to false to disable that timer (in RC 4.56)
in pre-auton set

bDisplayCompetitionStatusOnLcd = false;

here are the notes from the competition include file.

// This global is used to disable the status display on the LCD by the code
// in this file.  The user may want to use the LCD during the pre_auton
// function and not have it overwritten by calls to displayStatusAndTime
bool bDisplayCompetitionStatusOnLcd = true;