Robot ideas?

i’m running out of robot ideas so can you give me some challenges? please don’t give me hints on how to build the robot


On my website I have this list that is based on my ideas and other users:
It is meant for NXT but is just as good

Once I complete the upgraded version a Vex category will be initialized

Save the best for last, eh? :smiley:

I was gonna build this myself, but I’ll throw it out there

How about a cleaning bot that can perform multiple tasks such as vacuuming, hardwood floor cleaning stain treat etc…

The Challenges Section of the 2008 Inventor’s Guide has (12) new Challenges for VEX Robotics Builders. This is available for download on this page:

If you complete one of these Challenges, please share your results with the rest of us on the forum. (pictures of your robot, stories from the design process, etc).


cool…thanx guys! after i posted this i came up with some ideas, and i just ordered a programming kit yesterday (i should’ve done that a LONG time ago)

I’ve been thinking of something that can pick up my children’s Legos that spread faster than an airborn-disease.

To date, I’ve made four robots are basically just radio controlled vehicles with various steering and power configurations. Unfortunately, the first one I made (a two wheeled version of squarebot with a dragging third wheel) was by far the fastest, best handling, and most fun to control. Each design I’ve done after that has been successively more esoteric and worse performing. A little frustrating to feel like I’m going backwards in my results.

So I’m also interested in what cool ideas are floating around!