Robot Ideas

Right now I am at a stand still for ideas right now. I have a effective lift which is an eight bar powered by 4 393’s and an effective drive with 4 393’s. I need an idea for an intake. I have 2 269’s left at my disposal. I tried a claw that could over hang the sacks and that didn’t work. Also I had problems with a slanted chainsaw intake idea. Any ideas? Pictures would help me. Please post. I have a competition soon.

Have you considered a forklift/scoop on the end of your 8 bar? Something really simple that you can improve when you have some game results so you can see how well it works

Yeah I tried that at the beginning of the season and it didn’t go well.

May I ask what went wrong?

We had complications with it picking up multiple objects.

If by multiple you mean the groups of 5 sacks in a pile in four places on the field, then I can see why you may have problems. Picking them up can be difficult. The sacks around the edges may be easier to pick up though. They don’t tend to squish under the scoop quite as much.

Yeah but we are trying to figure out a system that can pick up the piles and still reach the 30 in 3 sec or less.