Robot in 3 Days Reveal (FRC inspired)

Wow! 28 out of 32 balls! That is some amazing accuracy right there!

But do you know the reason why the 4 balls did not go into the net? I’m guessing it is because of the inconsistency of the density of the ball.

Given the updated rules in the June 15 update, would you be keen on changing to a 12 motor system? It has its pros and cons, but I can see it efficiently being used on your robot.

I watched a match somewhere where 8059 and 8068 played together. I believe that each team took half the driver loads, and it looked to be almost to the same accuracy. The only difference was that 8059 had a longer path of the ball and 8068 had a longer recovery time for the flywheel. Both seem outstandingly consistent.

However, I think that any slight movement to 8059 robot affected the precision of the ball greater than it did with 8068’s long range shooter as it hits the back of the net. Any comment?

Yes, we will be removing the pneumatics to add 2 motors somewhere. However, we don’t quite know where yet. In my opinion, I think we will see the majority of teams using 12 motors rather than pneumatics. 2 extra motors just seem way more powerful than pneumatics, especially with the 2 tank limit. It would be a more fair decision if the 2 tank limit was increased to something higher (Karthik ;)).

That also makes elevation(High) harder haha. Unless you smart peeps can find a way to do it without a transmission :wink:

Also, have you guys thought about the fact that your elastics could wear out after multiple runs of controlling? Be it snapping, or stretching, the shot would not be as powerful as before. Changing the elastics would also affect the power of the shot, so a very precise calibration with a range of similar rubber bands would be needed.

You don’t need a transmission for elevating, a lot of good designs are completely passive. We have thought about the problem of elastics changing, however we use high quality rubber bands that should be consistent throughout a day of competition. We will be replacing rubber bands before every competition just in case.

I think you are referring to the match whereby 8059B and 8068A were playing together during the QF or SF.
8059B is a 2-motor one-wheel shooter, and it certainly couldn’t match up with 8059A in terms of accuracy and speed. In fact, I think 8068A is a better base shooter than 8059B.

8068 have quite a few good robots, they even have robots that can do lifting as well as shooting from base. That’s very impressive.

But it is a fact that 8059A has the best shooting accuracy and speed.
I am sure 8068 will agree with that as well.

Let’s be objective and discuss about system and approach - 2-wheel shooter generally also has an additional issue of making sure both wheels are turning at identical speed throughout. Any slight difference in speed will cause the ball to move sideway and hence causing inaccuracies.

Look… I really don’t want to hijack this thread anymore. It is not fair for Cameron.

Anyway, 8059 will be doing our review very soon. We will discuss further over there :slight_smile:

Yeah… We totally agree. We were just discussing about this a few days ago and we are even thinking of putting a formal request to Karthik.

Motors allowed unlimited (well… Almost) movement, whereas we can only do so much with 2 tanks. They should consider increasing he number of tanks to be fair.

Would you consider the phrase “redefining the whole game” to be accurate. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Interesting design chooses. Cool launching system.

It has been a while now, but have you guys tested this on a actual field to see if it can shoot into the net?

Yes, a week or so back we were able to test this on a full field. We were quite happy with its performance, as it was able to consistently shoot all of the match loads while sometimes rarely missing one. One thing I did notice was that the balls that would miss were either very squishy or super hard. I will do some more testing later and get some video of the robot performing on the field in a bit.

Mind sharing with us on the rate of shooting? Eg. How many seconds do you need to fire off all the preload + matchloads accurately?

Sure! Here is a video displaying how fast it can shoot 4 balls:
When I get a chance to go on a field again, I will time it for you. I would guess that it would take around 26 seconds for the preloads and matchloads based on the current fire rate shown in the video.

That’s pretty fast.
A tad faster than 8059A.

And I presume the rate will even be better when April 2016 comes along :slight_smile:

By the way, I notice there is a limit switch at the launcher. Is it to ensure that the ball is fully resting at the launcher before shooting off?

Yup! There is a series of limit switches allowing you to just hold down the fire and intake buttons at the same time and shoot full auto without having any jams or misfires.

I think that that is the perfect amount of time, there something so patriotic about it to me;)

Where did you place the other limit switch(es) along the chain? And how do you get the ball to settle in so quickly? Thanks.

Sorry for such a late response, I wanted to get the robot and make a video to explain. Here you go:

You can get the balls to settle in fast by tuning how fast they drop into the barrel and where they hit off the side of the barrel, reducing the “bounce” time.

Haha, if you look at it backwards, there is also something patriotic about it to me :wink:

How does your guys’ cam and follower work? I couldn’t quite tell from the video what parts you were using. Were they custom?

How exactly do you control the power using pneumatic to shoot long and short range shots?