Robot in 3 Days Reveal (FRC inspired)

Yeah… We totally agree. We were just discussing about this a few days ago and we are even thinking of putting a formal request to Karthik.

Motors allowed unlimited (well… Almost) movement, whereas we can only do so much with 2 tanks. They should consider increasing he number of tanks to be fair.

Would you consider the phrase “redefining the whole game” to be accurate. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Interesting design chooses. Cool launching system.

It has been a while now, but have you guys tested this on a actual field to see if it can shoot into the net?

Yes, a week or so back we were able to test this on a full field. We were quite happy with its performance, as it was able to consistently shoot all of the match loads while sometimes rarely missing one. One thing I did notice was that the balls that would miss were either very squishy or super hard. I will do some more testing later and get some video of the robot performing on the field in a bit.

Mind sharing with us on the rate of shooting? Eg. How many seconds do you need to fire off all the preload + matchloads accurately?

Sure! Here is a video displaying how fast it can shoot 4 balls:
When I get a chance to go on a field again, I will time it for you. I would guess that it would take around 26 seconds for the preloads and matchloads based on the current fire rate shown in the video.

That’s pretty fast.
A tad faster than 8059A.

And I presume the rate will even be better when April 2016 comes along :slight_smile:

By the way, I notice there is a limit switch at the launcher. Is it to ensure that the ball is fully resting at the launcher before shooting off?

Yup! There is a series of limit switches allowing you to just hold down the fire and intake buttons at the same time and shoot full auto without having any jams or misfires.

I think that that is the perfect amount of time, there something so patriotic about it to me;)

Where did you place the other limit switch(es) along the chain? And how do you get the ball to settle in so quickly? Thanks.

Sorry for such a late response, I wanted to get the robot and make a video to explain. Here you go:

You can get the balls to settle in fast by tuning how fast they drop into the barrel and where they hit off the side of the barrel, reducing the “bounce” time.

Haha, if you look at it backwards, there is also something patriotic about it to me :wink:

How does your guys’ cam and follower work? I couldn’t quite tell from the video what parts you were using. Were they custom?

How exactly do you control the power using pneumatic to shoot long and short range shots?

What kind of motors do use and did you ever experiment with different types of motors for the pinball launcher for example: 4 high speed motors, 2 high torque motor, 1 high torque motor, 2 turbo speed motors, etc. do motors stall sometimes, or does the battery die very fast. Thank you in advance

Hey Cam,
I was just wondering how the motors spin the nautilus gear.
Did you cut out the gear so that the shaft would fit perfectly?
Or did you attach a gear right next to the nautilus gear and attach them?


We screwed steel locking bars on to the cam and slid the axle through it. Hope this helps!

Our final design used turbo gears, however torque and speed motors strain the motors a little less. More motors and faster speeds would not help, as the balls can only settle so fast.

(have you seen?)

And also, how did you cut the nautilus gear?
We have tried a laster cutter at our school and it doesn’t work.
The video makes the nautilus gear seems very smooth.

I am going to really hope that you have a vented laser cutter if you tried to use polycarb in it.

We used a jigsaw and finished the edge with sandpaper