Robot in 3 Days Teams #59990Z and #26982E

I mean, it’s just for reference. If I wanted to hole count, I could just pause the video or copy other designs that were photographed in HD. Anyways, thanks for the heads up! Good luck this season!


How well does the rd4b reach the 38" pole.we tried to calculate theoretical reaches but we know practically it won’t reach these heights. We had decided on 25 hole long C channels but we were unsure if the slip would prevent us doing the top tower. Good work on these bots otherwise.

If you look at 1:53 you can see the dr4b drop a cube in the 38” tower


My mistake, the c channels are actually 26 holes long. Not to mention like @MasterCole said it is shown in the video putting a cube in the tallest tower.

It also depends on your intake design, you might wanna go slightly taller depending on how your intake works.