Robot in a Day?

Is it physically possible to design, build, wire, program, and test a robot from scratch in a single day?

I’ve seen many robots been successful in two days. I, myself, has gotten my robot fully working and functional for competition in three days, but I’d say one day will definitely be a challenge. For me, I’d say that I’d have to start at around 3:00-4:00 AM to 11:59 PM(Approximately around 20 hours is what I probably need to build a robot) to built at least a somewhat competitive robot. It definitely is unhealthy, but is also a fun challenge that you will remember in your lifetime. Probably, when building, I’d suggest not to be creative, but actually follow another robots’ design that had been successful and reliable.

Think I have mentioned before… robot in 1 day or 3day is not for all teams. And it will benefit some teams but not all.

For this season, robot in one day is not ideal. And I am speaking from the viewpoint of a mentor of an experienced robot in 1 or 3 day team.

But if you are only looking at doing a mobile-goal only robot, then it is highly possible. 8059a was basically done in less than a day.

During the Nothing But Net season (my second year) we did a complete rebuild the day before a comp. we re-did everything and ended up with a robot that could shoot match loads into the high net from midfield. We didn’t have a ball intake so the robot would start on the starting square, we would load four ball in then drive forward to about mid field and score them (this process would repeat until all balls where scored and was very ineffective). We also had a ramp that would drop down at the end to elevate a robot 6”” but we never got a chance to text it at the competition

The robot:
• 2 motor speed drive
• 4 motor flywheel launcher (two motors powering each flywheel, I don’t remeber what the gear ratio was but at full power we could only score from mid field)
• 1 motor conveyor to feed balls into the flywheel (these would move the balls from the loading area in the back of the robot into the flywheels, it didn’t pick up from the ground)
•1 motor ramp activator (this would push the ramp down at the end of the match)

We spent 7 hours building it and I would DEFINITELY not recommend it, especially for the current game. We made it to semifinals (somehow) And unfortunately our alliance got a DQ for pinning longer than 5 seconds :stuck_out_tongue: tbh this entire situation would fall under the category of “Stupidest thing I’ve done in Vex.”

This robot was built in 4 hours and was good enough to qualify for the world championship.

It is possible. But I personally wouldn’t. Take the time to document your robot and build it properly. The outcome will be much better, than a “one-day robot.”