Robot inspection question

One of my teams has a metal projectile for the endgame. They have taken precautions to wrap the leading end of metal with shelf liner, which was a Vex product in years past, and duct tape. They are doing this so this projectile is safer than if it was a bare end of metal, which could damage field elements, field tiles, and/or other robots.

Is this acceptable in the eyes of the inspection judges?

First, I think this is VRC rather than IQ. Second judges don’t do inspection, but rather referees inspectors. Third, please review rule R7 in the game manual for legal use of non-vex materials.


Yes, it is intended for VRC. Sorry about tagging IQ on this.

I think the ‘shelf liner’ you are referring to is called Anti-Slip Mat. It is a current V5-legal product.

Duct tape is not legal. Unless it is a non-functional decoration.


It is all based on the judge’s opinion on whether it is “safe” or not based on my understanding of the rules.
You could reach out before the tournament and ask them, but in my opinion this sounds safe to me.
I am lucky to live in a state where they are pretty lax on endgame rules, pretty much anything flies. Our old robot launched 24 tooth gears and the new one launches pneumatic nuts.

Tape is specifically an item I ask about when doing inspections. Its role is VERY limited and has nothing to do with safety. Only spot I allow it, per the rules, is for wiring protection/organization.


@drow could you please work your magic on this one