Robot inspection

Does the robot have to be turned off for the robot to be inspected? My kids robots has a part of their code that retracts their piston arm during a match, so it fits the 18x18, but the last skills match we went to they said the robot has to be off to fit. I can’t find anything to verify this.

The critical part is, the robot needs to be in 18x18 when the field control system holds the robots in the “disabled” mode before the match begins.

Connect a competition switch to your controller, start your program, and flip the left switch to “disabled” – if your robot stays in size then, it should pass the size check at inspection.


See that’s what I thought hence why I told my kids they don’t need to worry as long as pre auton has the piston activated but an old timer coach said it has to be turned off -_-, hopefully it’s just that tournament, we got around it by holding it down with a rubber band

There is no specific requirement that the robot be off for the size check.

But, since the disabled mode prevents you from using motor power to hold the robot in size, it is pretty rare to have a robot that won’t stay in size with the brain off.


the solenoids which control the pneumatic cylinders will remain in whatever state they were in when the robot connects to the field control. If this state isn’t what the robot normally defaults to when you turn it on or start a program, you can manually change it to the state you want before plugging your controller in to field control, the solenoids will not revert to their initial state and you can then set up your robot on the field within sizing.


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