robot is moving too fast

Using robotmesh with Blockly and the kids have driving motors equaling joystick axis A and B, the robot is moving too fast. How can we slow it down with programming? They are using one joystick. There doesn’t appear to be a way to change joystick velocity or motor power with Blocky. Or is there?

If you do math with the joystick value before passing it to the motor, you can do scaling. Here’s an example of cubic scaling with an arcade drive style:


I see project you shared is for V5. We aren’t seeing the spin forward at velocity % blocks in IQ. Or the position %. Thoughts?

The one I sent you on our forum was V5, this one is the beta of our new IQ API (designed to resemble our V5 blocks). The equivalents in the older API are “[motor] begin running [forward/reverse] at power” and “[axis] position”, respectively.

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Sweet - We see that! What about the axis3 and axis4 position %? The 3rd and 4th lines?

It’s the same block in both the old and new IQ API’s.

This group is pumped. We are working well! Thank you so much.

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