Robot Just Spins in Circles

Both of my teams have needed to code their remote so that the arm will lock in place during the hanging portion of their drive. One team coded the remote several weeks ago and everything has worked perfectly fine. The other team coded their remote last week and their robot just spins in circles when the code is selected. Both codes are the same. We updated software, replaced motors and even reset all settings and loaded everything again, but it still just spins in circles. Any thoughts?

Did you Check that all the motors are in the right ports?

Yes. When you drive it, it will respond to driving and drive correctly, but when you take your thumbs off of the sticks it just starts to drive on it’s own and spin.

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There might be some controller joystick drift, try re calibrating the controller or cleaning the joystick base ( if that doesn’t work try replacing the controller)

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If that doesn’t work and you can’t replace the controller, there are ways to program your own dead zone

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I think it was the controller. Here’s hoping.