Robot kinda complete

We finished our robot with some time remaining but are still making some revisions for structural stability. I appreciate those who helped answer my questions! :slight_smile:

looking good, are you competing this weekend?

Yes. Mount Vernon Township High School Illinois. were a little nervous. As a new team with limited build time, we flip caps and hit low flags. during build, at one point the robot arm was held together with at least 10 zip-ties

Good luck! How much build time are you going to have after this tourney? Would love to see how your bot progresses.

not too much.

Is there a reason your wheels are so small? Can you park? If you have the extra time, id swap them out with larger wheels. 1st year teams will have much more alliance appeal if they can park.

I like the low design! Reminds me of 6490 in FRC last year. They delivered cubes the the vault in a very similar way.

Best of luck this weekend!

How fast is it? Also, what kind of wheels are those? I’ve only seen omnis with two sides of side wheel or whatever they’re called

To help on the platform try using locked omni wheels on the front, if you don’t know how you just need to stick screw between the wheel and the rollers. I’m unsure if you can do that on that type of omni

Cool robot, ours is very low to the ground too but it is a lot more complicated. We focus on flags and I will give you some advice. We look for a cap focused robot that can either lift fast or descore and can play defense and get onto the platform consistently. I would suggest adding a simple descorer and going for bigger wheels,(also mount the wheels with pillow bearings so they are lower to the ground) but don’t do that if it will make your cap flipper not work. Also last piece of advice is to do simple designs especially since it’s your fist year and work your way up

Good luck!

new update. we figured out that we will have to abandon our slide drive due to weight/friction issues.

Good Luck!

Slide drive? Not sure I’ve heard of that. Is that just the Omni wheels, or is there another embedded mechanism hidden in the robot?

Slide drive is tank drive with a wheel perpendicular to the others in the middle. also known H-drive HDriveTransparent.png

Oh, so you have H-drive? I personally think it’s cool. Helped me a lot last year. I also used one (essentially custom) in FRC. It was kind of a pain with the forces exerted on that center wheel, but it was still really cool.

Anyway, use larger wheels to make sure you can climb platforms.

You’re never done :wink: There’s always something you can make better.

yeah we changed to a simple tank drive with bigger wheels so we can park

Good plan. How’s the speed on the cap flipper?

its going smoothly currently its just about the same as it was in the picture a bit more stable and shorter


either use a lift that can reach to the posts, or use a floor only flipper, there is no point in a lift that does nothing. (unless I’m missing a hidden purpose)

use bigger wheels (its much easier to park)

and for your next robot, try and get some kind of ball launcher in there. you have plenty of room, and a floor cap only bot isn’t gonna get far (we used those in our last 2 comps cause we ran out of time)

but overall good job!

I actually disagree here. The raising arm can have lots of purposes, and the roller thing can get a bit uncontrollable. Sure, they might not get far, but it’s a good start.