Robot Launcher build for launching golf balls 100yds+

Hello, Totally new to robotics but have been looking for a solution to launch successive golf balls similar to the golf ball shots spin off a golf club. Hopefully I’m in the right forum as I looked extensively for ideas about this in all forums but could not find any. I presume an overhead throw launcher would be the best way to simulate a golf spin. Any ideas as I want to find someone who could build a prototype. I appreciate everyone’s time here and I’m open to suggestions if this is not the right website for this type of product where else to look to find other launchers that would suit this need.

Welcome to the Vex Forum!
While this is a forum specifically for Vex Robotics, there are definitely many people here who can answer your question. To choose a shooter, you may want to look at these videos/websites:

I don’t know specifically what you are looking for, but my guess is that a linear puncher or “slapper” (basically same thing as a puncher but it basically “kicks” the ball) may be your best options.

What robotics platform/building set, if any, were you planning to use for this?


Hi, welcome to the forums, i have a few questions,

  1. what are you planning on using for the electronics of this shooter?(this might not be the best forum for if you are using anything other than vex products)

  2. what design constraints do you have? like does the spin have to be identical to that of a normal golf hit, or does it just have to follow a similar path?

  3. if you don’t mind me asking, what is this for? like is this just a fun project you want to do?

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