Robot length doubt

We had a system to catch the balls with a pneumatic kit, while is up robot lenght is within 24" but when is down is 26" ≈
Is this legal ?

It is legal only in the climbing zone. Your robot may only expand horizontally out of size restriction when fully in the climbing zone.

It must also be during the last 30 seconds of the match.

No, that’s only vertically.

Horizontal expansion is legal in the climbing zone at any time; only vertical expansion has a time restriction. Also, @chofer, are you on a Vex U team? Because in MS and HS, the sizing cube has an 18" side, not 24".

Would only be legal in the climbing zone.

I am on a VEXU team , but it is legal to expand horizontally(like in the pictures) outside climbing zone ?? Or I had to change our system?

No and yes. You can’t expand outside of the climbing zone period, and you can only expand vertically in the last 30 seconds.