Robot Lift by team 9791C

Our team, 9791C, came up with a idea for lifting in the summer after the new game was revealed and we have finally implemented it into our design. Right now it can only lift 15 pounds but we plan on adding more counterweight so that we can lift up to 20 pounds. We are the only middle school team in Massachusetts that has a lift and one of three teams in both the HS and MS divisions that showed up to a competition that we had on Saturday. On Saturday we won the Excellence and Design awards and were tournament finalists.
Note: We are keeping the lifting platform a secret until after our regional competition.

EDIT: I realize that this lift is similar to 1727B’s lift

That link isn’t working

Yeah. Please fix the link, I would really like to see it, lifting robots are always awesome.

I am trying to get is uploaded to youtube now. I will post it when I have done it.

This should work

It was epic to watch it work over and over again. Best was when one team’s teacher told them not to get lifted, and the team went for it any way! Great job WalshBots!

If anyone has any specific questions we would be happy to give advice through private messaging or on this post.

Interesting, since this was developed independently. Similar does not mean exact copy. This approach has been in development since summer time and can be verified by credible independent sources.

Now as to the lifting mechanism, there are subtle difference from 1727B to make it particularly effective. The team’s willingness to share their engineering ideas should be lauded.

It is a 12 tooth pinion driven by a torque motor on each side.

I think Its pretty obvious that you have a thin platform that goes between the partner’s wheels. But, how do you plan on lifting a robot with little clearance (not enough to clear the platform)? Also, do you have a launcher?

Looks interesting, and unlike a lot of ramps it seems easily accessible to drive over and be lifted. I’m anticipating the platform reveal. I would like to point out that the definition of high elevation includes not touching the field perimeter. I’ve always assumed that this regards the robot being lifted, but I’m unsure about using the field perimeter to brace your robot against(if that’s what you’re doing, I can’t tell if the robot touches the wall or not) in order to successfully lift. Might want to check that out with Karthik either way. Nice idea overall though, it’s definitely a unique approach to lifting :). what type of drive systems are you able to work with?

We have a catapult with a magazine for a launcher. You are right about the platform and we could not lift one of the robots at the competition because of it. Unfortunately we don’t have time to change it before regionals so we are just going to cross our fingers and hope for good alliance partners.

Nothing a dremel master can’t solve :slight_smile:

Just sayin’

Our robot does not touch the field perimeter at all. Also, I believe that you are allowed to touch but not be supported by the perimeter. The only drives at our competition have been normal tank but I am pretty sure we can also lift other types because our platform goes underneath their robot and between any wheels they might have.
EDIT: When I say “You are allowed to touch” I mean the lifting robot.

Nice lift guys. I was going to ask for some help but your lift is much different than mine.

Are you having trouble with yours?
EDIT: Nevermind, I found your thread.

Yes. My lift release isn’t holding tight enough and it is randomly releasing while driving. I have another conversation started where i was discussing this.

We actually have a lift very similar to this one, except with only one leg that raises us. We also have this “forklift” platform design and Are running into the same problem with clearance compatability. It is especially difficult in the High School division because everyone in our region (Southern New England like you) has really low clearance. Do you have any idea how to counteract this?

I was thinking about making a passive low lift like this for a while, but I gave up on it because of some limitations that we have.

Our idea was to have our alliance partner drive over the side of our platform so that their robot would be a little off the ground to begin with. We haven’t tested it but it might be something to look into.