robot lifting issue

Hello my team 4768b we need help with our lift because it keeps tipping . we have tryed many different Menachems but none of them worked. We tryed to put a picture in but it says it is undefined . so we would greatly appreciate it if you can tell us any idea and how to build it . thank you

You may need to implement a fold out/slide out kick stand that activates when you begin your lift.

Use slider rails that slide out whenever your lift goes up.

Do you have any idea how to because we have tryed to do something like this but it never worked

What type of lift are you using?

It’s like a fork lift but instead it has a whole flat platform

Most forklifts use a counter balance weight. In previous games we used a 1.5" thick stack of 5 x 5 plates (leftovers from other teams’ cuttings) at the back of the chassis as a counter balance.

Set up slider rails with rubber bands going from the back of your robot towards the front of your robot. Use a piston to deploy the sliders or have them slide forward when the forks go up. I would provide pictures/diagrams but I am at school.