Robot Link Lost Constantly

Hi, when we are practicing driving as well as testing autons, our robot link from our V5 controller to the robot constantly gets lost. We’ve tried resetting the controller but that hasn’t helped the issue so we were wondering what we should do about it as we think it might happen in competition. We are using V5. Thanks!

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Is the battery fully charged?

In Cortex, the battery connection were loose occasionally, causing short power outages, and thusly disconnections. Teams solved this by shoving in little pieces of broken chain next to where the battery connects to the cortex. But V5 has a very different connection.

Have you updated the cortex, brain, controller, etc?

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We met with the same problem for several times during our last competition. Bad luck. :frowning:

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Same. On one of our robots, the connection drops almost every run. Very annoying and it costed us dearly :frowning:

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Same issue here. It began happening after updating the Brain past 1.0.3. When it happens, the controller will not reconnect until the controller is reset (the Brain can stay on and a connection will be made after the controller turns on). I can’t find any reason why it happens (but it does seem to happen more frequently at competitions).
Interestingly, using Bluetooth instead of VEXnet results in a weaker connection (obstacles will cause a disconnection more often) but the controller will reconnect after disconnecting. Although, I am not sure if it is affected by disconnection type 1:

  1. Unrecoverable disconnection (controller must be reset). This may be possible with Bluetooth but I have not had it happen in the short time that I tested using Bluetooth. This happens with VEXnet occasionally as described.
  2. Recoverable disconnection (temporary loss). This rarely happens with VEXnet but can easily happen with Bluetooth by blocking line-of-sight between controller and antenna.

It’s not supposed to be even possible to use BLE during a match.

Ivan is using V5, not V4 cortex.

Oh yeah, I just switched to Bluetooth for testing at my school. I tested it for about 10 minutes at most and then switched back to VEXnet, which was used at the competitions. I also forgot to mention that replacing the Robot Radio and controller did not fix the issue, and that a temporary disconnection happened every time I plugged in to the Driver Interface.