Robot Link Lost

For context, my robot runs with the V5 parts with the latest updates

At a competition I had on Saturday my robot was working perfectly fine until the later parts of the qualification matches and the actual tournament bracket when the robot would lose connection to the controller and a red screen with the text “Robot Link Lost” the program was still running we just could not control the robot with the controller. This never happened during testing and was not an issue at the beginning of the competition. We moved the receiver to a more exposed location during the comp but this did not fix the problem, just looking for a fix to this issue.

what i would recomend and i found this from my other page i was having the same problem

The power expanded also adds another PTC, so if you have one, I would highly recommend using it (also for the extra battery capacity). Depending on the weight of your robot and the drive gear ratio, 4 motors may just not be enough and the PTC inside each motor may be overheating. The jittering you described generally occurs when PTC’s trip. When this happens, stop applying power to the motors (just release the drive stick) for 10-15 seconds and see if it starts moving. It will take a little while for them to fully cool down and reset, so be careful about pushing from there on out if it happens in a match. Also, make sure that without the motors on the drive attached, your drive system (all the wheels, gears and sprockets) can spin smoothly (if you spin them they should stay spinning for a few seconds), as extra friction will put even more strain on the motors. I usually find that 6 cortex motors (4 V5 motors) is a good minimum number for a drive. If you have a super light robot, you can get away with 4, but it has to be extremely light and your driver has to be very careful to not push it too hard.

I think Hunterrc0914 has the wrong conversation unless there was some misunderstanding

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i think i misunderstud sorry for this

We had a similar incident in RI - nothing out of the ordinary showed up in event logs either for V5 Controller Red Screen of Death, which can only be reset with the reset button, and the V5 Robot Brain White Screen of Death, which occurred after an impact and can only be reset by removing main battery. There were no obvious static issues on Saturday at the event, but Sunday plenty.