Robot Loading Strategy

How feasible would it be to have a robot with no wheels that just sits in the starting tile and shoots the balls into the goal as the team loads it in manually?

That would be 120 points if they all went into the high goal and another 50 if the robot could lift another up at the end.

Instant win? :D:D

I would say that this is probably not the winning strategy, this will probably work well in the beginning of the year if you can execute it well, however I think that by the time state championships start to role around, teams will be able to score all the driver control loads, and then start scoring points from the field, so I think that to be competitive later in the season you will need to be mobile

Actually I believe it would be 160 points: 8 preloads for both teams together + 24 driver control loads

It is possible to do this, below I will quote two of my strategic pages from my notebook for this year, so maybe it will help out your team(s).

Page 2

Basically if you only score driver loads, the other team still has a HUGE chance of winning. I would suggest a 4 motor launcher, 4 motor drive, and 2 motor intake (or 1 motor intake + 1 motor angle manipulator.)

So then why not put a set of wheels on it so it can move? it seems like if it shook or got bumped in any way then the aim would be off and it would be useless for the rest of the match. The same thing happened with stationary Skyrise robots. they all ended up mobilizing. Having a drivetrain is just better in my opinion. It also looks better for judging if the robot can manipulate balls around the feild. Hyper-specialization can only go so far, even at an early tournament.

Yeah it was just a thought.

Our robot will be moving with holonomic drive and shooting into the goal

I just thought it would be a good alternative for our girls team which has very minimal parts and experience.

Yeah we are planning that sort of setup
Forgot about the 4 preloads at the start too :slight_smile: