Robot Mesh Autonomous Programming

Hey its 7074b,
I was wondering if there is any command that allows me to run 2 or more motors at the same time during autonomous. Or if there’s a way I could move my 4 motor drive train all at once since I am only limited to moving 2 motors under “Drive Train”. I am currently programming in Vex V5, Blockly in Robot Mesh. Also if you have any recommendations of any other programming software that is similar to Robot Mesh Blockly then it would help if you could link it or state the website.

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From 7074b

Here is a link to a sample RobotMesh Blockly program that moves a robot without the “Drive Train” configuration.

It only uses two motors, but could easily be extended to 4 or 6 motors. Like this:
12 AM

If you want to use the motor encoder sensors to drive a specific distance the code would look like this:
10 AM

It is important that the red (blocking) command is last. It would be better to tell the robot to drive a specific number of inches, instead of degrees, but you can write a function to convert degrees to inches.

Using RobotMesh Blockly you can do almost anything that is possible with text-based programming languages. It’s a great way to get started. As your programs get longer and more sophisticated it will become difficult to manage all those blocks of code, and then you can switch to a text-based language.

RobotMesh has text options for Python, JavaScript, and C++. The Python and Blockly options have a debugger that allows you to set breakpoints. Other V5 programming applications don’t have that yet (as far as I am aware). Consider starting with Blockly and then switching to Python later.


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