Robot Mesh Drive Train Error

Hey, Im new to robotics this year, and I wanted to learn how to code Python on Robot Mesh. When I got to page five on the studio V5 programming Python I ran into the problem of the drive train code being incorrect. I am confident I am typing in exactly what the tutorial and someone in my class is having the exact same issue.
Has anyone had the same issue? If so, how can we complete the tutorial and test the drive train?
Any feedback, or ideas on what I can do? Thanks!

As always with code questions, posting your code makes this go much faster.


My code was, 50, vex.VelocityUnits.PCT)

Format your code using three ( ` ) in a row. I don’t use python but if its case sensitive then try this. dt.spin( directionType::fwd, 50, velocityUnits::pct ); Again, sorry if this doesn’t work I never use python…

Hi Dale.

Please set your project to “Public, Including Code”, and then link to it.

Additionally, please link to the tutorial you’re following.

Cheers, Sam.


Hey Sam here is the links to the studio and to the instructions! Thanks!
Robot Mesh Studio Where you write the code (Turn on Drive Train)Sam, This is the tutorial I am following and link to the description on what to do.The Robot Mesh Instructions (Scroll to the bottom of the blue side bar and go to page five for instructions)

I hope this makes sense

Source project fixed. You will need to create a fresh copy of the project by clicking the “create” link in the tutorial a second time.

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