Robot mesh forum

Robot mesh now has there own forum. Come and join


I feel like this could have been better accomplished by asking VEX to create a category for RobotMesh and then give a RM Staff member admin, then continue with one forum, instead of making more accounts…

Well, there has been a Robot Mesh forum since 2014, just kinda sparse. Looks like they are refreshing it. Looks better, hope it gets more active use.

So this isn’t “more accounts”, though I have thought it would be good to have a more official RMS presence on this forum. One issue may be that since RMS spans so many languages and both IQ and EDR, they would need their own main Category…

There is this for EDR

We have an ep category, we have program specific, and I would be interested in seeing what the official reason is for having their own discourse server instead of using the existing vex system.

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Honestly, I think the VEX Forum already has too many categories though. Adding sufficiently more categories to truly cover the breadth of potential topics relating to Robot Mesh Studio would only magnify the miscategorization and vague title problems already faced here.

Plus, PROS similarly has issue trackers on GitHub. I don’t think most VEX Forum users would care to have such bugs posted here (hidden category or not). I would imagine reporting bugs is part of the purpose of the RMS Forum, and, as with PROS, I doubt most users would like to see those reports here.

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I just am not a fan of splitting up resources to more websites, and

Is definitely not a forum issue but more of a users not understanding what they are posting issue.

I understand Robot Mesh would want there own system but couldn’t they use something like Pros leave support in one place and issues/resources on their own system? Also If the old forum was so empty they did not even migrate over to discourse what is to say that forum will even become huge?

I never said it was a forum issue. But the problem would be exacerbated nonetheless.

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We do have a category on here, last I checked.

It’s set up as an “and” and not an “instead of”. We set it up to have a place where people using our software could have a more focused place to ask questions about it, especially if they’re using it for classroom instruction and don’t care about the more competition-focused aspects of this VEX forum which are just so much noise if you’re not interested in VRC. But that’s something of a future plan, as if you look around on our site we don’t actually link to our forum anywhere or promote it yet. We’re certainly not going to be trying to get everyone on the VEX forum to move their discussions there or anything like that.