Robot Mesh Python Competition Template

@RobotMesh_Support I was looking at the Python competition template for Cortex, and I’m confused by how the two controllers are defined up top as joystick_p and joystick_p_p, but then it seems like the code is referencing “joystick.”

joystick_p   = vex.Joystick()
joystick_p_p = vex.Joystick(True)

Is this shorthand for either controllers? Or is this a typo in the template?

When making a new project, we don’t add any references to the joystick for you. What we do for you though is add joystick initialization lines if you used the configuration utility on the right side. Did you copy the featured project labeled “Competition Template”, here? It looks like the configuration utility for that project doesn’t match what’s in the code, so when it gets copied it corrects the config region of the code to reflect the config utility on the right side. I’ll contact the owner of the example project about fixing it. In the meantime, this should be easy to fix by correcting the name of the joystick on the right side to match the code, or instead making a fresh Cortex Python project and checking the competition template checkbox in the project creation options.