Robot Mesh Reversing 4-bar Robot

It has a passive cone manipulator we are playing with, and a simple reversed 4-bar link arm. The chassis rails are steel, and everything else is aluminum. The drive motors are out of the box (100rpm) and we only used 8 total motors. Honestly, the arm works well enough that we could probably remove two motors from it. Since this is a demonstration robot and won’t compete we probably won’t add mobile goal manipulation to it. It’s also taller than 18", but we didn’t want to take the hacksaw to aluminum. Once we add sensors, we’ll add wire management. For our first RD4B, I think it’s pretty nice.

The next end effector we are testing is a super-claw that works surprisingly well (so far).

Here’s a video.

Cool! Add some X’s, especially on the bottom 4-bar. You’ll be amazed what just one can do in the right place. So much more stable.

Thanks for the suggestion. We had a flat plate there to control square, but took it off for some reason I can’t remember. :slight_smile: