Robot Mesh Studio Desktop and RMBuild Tool

Robot Mesh Studio is moving from the web to your desktop and command line with two new products:

Robot Mesh Studio Desktop
A standalone, desktop install of Robot Mesh Studio with support for VEX IQ, VEX Cortex and VEX V5. Use Robot Mesh Studio Desktop to both login to your online account and/or work with locally saved projects! Perfect for last minute programming and downloading at a competition.

Controller Express, Flowol (VEX IQ and VEX Cortex), Blockly, Python and C++ (V5) projects are supported.

Instructions and download here:

Note, currently only for Windows. Mimics are not available when working offline with Robot Mesh Studio Desktop.

Robot Mesh Studio RMBuild Tool
For the experts in the community, you can now code in Notepad or the editor of your choosing and compile and download with the RMBuild tool from the command line. Support for VEX IQ, VEX Cortex and VEX V5. Code in Python and C++ (V5).

Instructions and download here:

Again, currently Windows only. Linux and Mac support are planned.

Ok, this is epic


If the CLI works well, this was definitely worth the wait.

RobotMesh is the real MVP

Would the CLI work with code taken from the VCS C++ Pro? Let’s say I put the code in a .cpp file, and the robot config file in a .h file, then #include the config file, will it compile and upload?

It should, they use the same API.

@robonxt @OscarMNOVA12 There are a couple of differences, so you might have to do some minor tweaking.

I kinda got it working with Visual Studio, so looks like I can ditch VCS completely now :wink:

Yeah now I can work on my extension for Visual Studio Code that allows teams to use either RobotMesh Studio or PROS.

Is robot mesh better than vcs or what is it for

@TITΛN Robot Mesh Studio is a tool for writing code for VEX robots. We’ve been a coding option for VEX products for quite a while now. Prior to this release, the only way to use our software for V5 robots was through a browser at With this release, there is also the option of using these two tools for offline development, too.

Robot Mesh Studio features 3 programming options each for V5, Cortex, and IQ robots. It is an alternative to VEX Coding Studio, PROS, and MATLAB/Simulink.

  • RMS is not nearly as buggy as VCS
  • RMS features a competition-usable graphical programming system
  • RMS features a C++ programming option with a very similar API to VCS C++
  • RMS uniquely features Python support, while VCS has a C++ “Pro” option that (in my opinion) is far from “Pro” and accordingly doesn’t deserve to exist given the existence of PROS
  • RMS now has offline support, taking away the only (in my opinion, again) former reason to use VCS over RMS
  • RMS now has a CLI, allowing integration with real IDEs like Visual Studio and CLion, while VCS requires community-made workarounds for any semblance of a CLI
  • RMS, like VCS, is free

TL;DR If you’re using VEX Coding Studio, switch to Robot Mesh Studio. There’s no longer any reason to use VCS.

And IQ!