Robot Mesh Studio for VEX IQ compared to ROBOTC

I have used ROBOTC Graphical with students for years and never really tried anything else. This weekend after using RMS I am filled with regret for never trying it out.

First, it will detect the motors and sensors. This is so huge for kids just starting out. There are so many frustrating moments for kids as they start. Getting the motors and sensors in place and not seeing those warning messages every single for a color sensor that is configured by default and isn’t there…

I also spend a couple of hours yesterday with the Mimics. I haven’t done much CAD but with a few videos to get started I have half of a DR6B built in a couple of hours. Really cool stuff… And all free!

And when you click the other tab, there’s the Python.

A lot of kids are already trained up in ROBOTC, but I’m going elsewhere and hope they follow. I even got it to play “Mary had a little lamb” on loop. Amazing.