Robot Mesh Studio New Release


We had promised a new release of Robot Mesh Studio before the end of November, and are pleased to announce that the new release will be out by Friday of this week, on November 37. This release will include the ability to download the development environment and your projects to a Windows PC for standalone use for both VEX EDR (Cortex and V5) and VEX IQ. Chromebook and Mac support for the download feature will not be included in this release. We have some other new features also shipping this week, but we will announce those when the software is available.

To be clear, our online, browser-based development environment will continue to work just fine on Windows, Macs, Chromebooks and on Linux. It is only the new downloadable freestanding version that will require a Windows computer.

About engineering: since this is an engineering educational program, we should let you know why it was not released last week. As happens in software, testing the software itself went fine, but we have been testing and improving the installer for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes, for standalone software, writing, testing and documenting the installer is almost as much work as the code itself. One of the things we like about our real-time online programming is that we don’t need an installer. Tl:dr, the reason it’s late is because we want it to work well when you get it.