Robot Mesh Studio New Release

We had promised a new release of Robot Mesh Studio before the end of November, and are pleased to announce that the new release will be out by Friday of this week, on November 37. This release will include the ability to download the development environment and your projects to a Windows PC for standalone use for both VEX EDR (Cortex and V5) and VEX IQ. Chromebook and Mac support for the download feature will not be included in this release. We have some other new features also shipping this week, but we will announce those when the software is available.

About engineering: since this is an engineering educational program, we should let you know why it was not released last week. As happens in software, testing the software itself went fine, but we have been testing and improving the installer for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes, for standalone software, writing, testing and documenting the installer is almost as much work as the code itself. One of the things we like about our real-time online programming is that we don’t need an installer. Tl:dr, the reason it’s late is because we want it to work well when you get it.

Thank you for the update; this is how situations like this should be handled.

When you know you’re behind schedule, be transparent about the nature of the delay. Don’t leave the community guessing (cough VEX cough); it results in far worse PR than just being transparent in a timely manner.

Glad to hear RMS is getting a stand alone option! What is the cost of that?

We’ve been having troubles with VCS coding and have been looking into trying other options; I’ve heard good things about RMS but we weren’t comfortable with online only (too many venues where we’ve had internet issues!).

Can you give me some info on how it compares to VCS and to RobotC (which we were much happier with)?


@RickTYler: Very grateful. Just in time for this week’s competition. Can’t wait to tell the kids. To paraphrase, “As happens in software” the robot behaves as predicted when testing, during competition the kids realized they forgot something, or someone has an idea to improve/fix something else, or some alliance member gets upset and asks them to remove/change something in auton. I personally enjoy your cloud version very much as (1) I can tinker with ideas on my lunch break then show/teach the kids on the weekend, and (2) I can also see their code whenever they get totally stuck and need debugging (they just learned Python this season). The Mimic is also a fantastic tool. At the school though and especially at competitions, WiFi is so terrible that an offline version is essential. Again, thanks for that and for all the help you and John (and the rest of the team who works on this) are providing us.

Good to hear. We have been using RMS with Python all year (28 teams) and have been pleased with it. Even bought the teachers edition so the coaches can login and see what the kids are doing (and tell them that they need to put more comments in there :wink: ).

I thought that the lack of offline support was going to be huge … it hasn’t been - everyone seems to have guest wifi.

The ability to start directly in driver control using the competition template has been more of a nuisance than the lack of offline support. @Rick TYler - has this been fixed? Is there a change log of bug fixes/new features somewhere?

Try it again. We pushed a fix a couple of weeks ago for the competition issue. We don’t have a public log.

when is nov 37

It would be nice to know when things are fixed as well as when enhancements are available. I know you do a good job promoting it here, but a public log would be nice.

I noticed that some/most of our teams didn’t need to cycle through auton first, but at least two did at our event this past Saturday. Thoughts? Clear cache?

The day before November 38th of course. :slight_smile:

Yes, clear cache. Also, using F5 (in Windows) to force a page reload works too.

@action000 If nothing has changed in their code other than our updates, they might have to go into the options gear and check “Force full download” so it knows to recompile and download again. This will not affect it. Page reload and cache refresh by ctrl+f5 is all that’s required.

I’m dying Lmao

Is it out yet? Tried to uninstall/redownload/reinstall the msi, still can only do IQ and EDR-Cortex, but no v5. Thanks.

Unfortunately we found (and fixed) a blocking bug on Thursday/Friday which has postponed the release until next week when we can complete a final test pass. Sorry for the further delay. -Anthony

So, November 44th now? :wink:

The release notes for Offline Robot Mesh Studio are now available. We added a command-line build utility, and we shipped on November 40, which is pretty close to our target date. Thanks for your patience.

This is awesome and i can now easily switch my teams to rms over vcs.

As should anyone using VCS.

    struct tm release = {
        tm_year: 2018-1900,
        tm_mon: 11-1,
        tm_mday: 40

    time_t date = mktime(&release);
    printf("Released on %s\n", ctime(&date));

-> Released on Mon Dec 10 00:00:00 2018