Robot Mesh Studio (RMS)

Hi all,

For those who use Regarding Robot Mesh Studio:

  1. Do you use the free online version? So nothing to download?
  2. Can you create classes, add students, and see their work on your teacher machine?
  3. Can students go back and forth between blocks and Python, or do they have to stick to one?
  4. All this is free?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. I used it free for a year or so.

  2. Then got $50 class version, allows individual student accounts that I can monitor, and log into, add comments, setup examples programs for them to work on. Actually could all be done via free version - requires email for each student. Teacher version somewhat more convenient.

  3. Blockly programs can be seen as and copied (as text) from a live updated Python tab. That Python can be pasted into new or existing Python programs, or any editor. The Python in a Blockly program cannot be edited. There is no working copy paste in any block based software afaik. And no Python text to Block conversion.

It is really useful to add a Block and look at how the Python adds it. Also errors show informatively.

  1. Answered above. RMS is an amazing gift. There is a (Windows) standalone desktop version, which can be used as a workaround to distribute program examples to multiple students. Other teachers have students work on shared public programs (“projects”).

Online version can be accessed from any Chrome browser, have used my Android phone… Haven’t tried to download to bot that way, probably no drivers…

You need to try it yourself, answer these and other questions hands-on…

  1. There is a browser plugin and USB drivers for the online version to work, but they’re fairly minimal. We have some offline tools for Windows, too.
  2. There is a paid teacher edition that does these things.
  3. You can go from Blockly to Python, but not from Python to Blockly. That’s simply because there is Python for every block, but there are things you can do in Python that we don’t provide blocks for.

So, basically, everything @rhowbot said :+1:


Thanks very much for your replies. RMS does sound like a great option. Can someone point me to some video tutorials that can get me (and potentially some students) up to speed on how to use RMS, both to program robots and use interface?

We’ve got a couple on our Youtube channel, and have some text documentation as well.

Does RMS have VEX IQ C++?


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