Robot Mesh VEX V5 Robots at Worlds

Robot Mesh took three V5 robots to Worlds, and we have video of two of them. Here are the links: Harvey drifting, Harvey driving, and V5 Pongbot. Unfortunately, the Spider robot (a walking bot) had a mechanical failure early in the tournament and spent the rest of the time resting.

Harvey originally had two motors and had four at Worlds, both with the same gearing. 200RPM V5 motors geared up 5:3. Total theoretical speed is 4.7" per second, and I believe that this is the actual top speed.

Yeah drifting harvey was probably something I could have done for hours without getting bored. Thats why the first thing I’m going to do with v5 is build a 4m 600rpm drive. Endless fun.
It was also pretty cool to see the motors performing nearly identically with a empty battery as opposed to an full one.