Robot moving at end of match due to calibration issue.

I was a ref at a match today and one of the robots was on the bridge with a calibration issue. The ramp was unbalanced, and the robot was on the bridge but it slowly rolled off after the match ended even through the controller had been set down because it was not properly calibrated. To stop the robot, I held down the power button on the team’s controller to stop the robot from moving. I then scored the match as it was.

Was this the right thing to do? What if a robot does not stop moving when the controller is set down?

Let’s take a look at the specific rule to deal with this situation.

Thus any actions which take place after the Match should not count. If a Robot does not stop moving after the Match is complete, referees should do their best to evaluate the state of the field when the match ended, ignoring actions that Robots made after the Match.