Robot Moving On Its Own!

Ok my robot moves on it own without coding on it (I load a blank sleet when it happens)
1.I turn it on
2.I run my program (Before it glitched i have a post you have to read) says things arent connected
Then it starts to move on its own like turning and going forward

                                If you need context please comment I can't show the video because my computer does not upload videos
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Is there a past program loaded into it? The cortex/brain

Everyone is asking this

No there was not

That I Know Of

Here is a good list of things to try:

You may have an older program that is set to automatically run when the brain starts. You could try to ‘Reset all Settings’ on the brain. That would leave any programs that are there, but have the brain go back to original behavior.


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Before we even posted this we did this it is still moving on its own

Is it creeping or moving fast? Have you calibrated the controller?

Its not creeping its MOVING like going forward and spining

I would recommend calibrating the controller because that might be the problem. If that doesn’t work you might have to buy a new controller. I had this problem a couple of years ago and the solution ended up being getting a new controller

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