Robot Name ideas

Apocolypse sounds cool


Thnx for all of the ideas!!! The vote will stay open if more people want a say

I was thinking “scavenger”, like from Fallout.

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Meh. They’re off better in my Nuka World empire. Or you could just call it “The courier”

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Name it Gary, after your programmer

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@Johnny1or whatever user made this burner. Have a heart and don’t feel the need to tear others down just because they have fun. If you have such a problem with it, then go back to the dark moist corner that you work out of and mind your own business. I personally don’t care for those names but I’m not trying to make other people feel bad because of my opinion.

If that was too long for you to read, don’t be a jerk and let people enjoy their robotics experience in the way they see fit. No one should be made to feel bad about their robot (unless it’s about my TT bot. That thing was absolute garbage), or what they name it.


You havent seen what I’m capable of

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I could stack a 2 stack at states. Our last minute revisions didn’t go over very well (it all broke or disassembled itself). The poor thing wanted to die. This year, I’ve cut 90% of the jank from our robot. The only thing limiting us now is our part selection.

whistling noise
you’re that good? We couldn’t even get our bot over to the scoring corner

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Pffftt At least you’re bot moved ours sort of spun in circles and got us DQed for pinning. And lets not bring up our autonomous going in even weirder circles

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Our tray was held in place by 2 keps nuts and dramatically leaped away in auton, nearly slicing the opponents wires.

did you get dq’ed?
20 characters

I admit defeat.
20 characters

This robot didn’t get a DQ for pinning (they t-boned their own alliance), but it spun in weird circles and tried to continue the entire match:

Yep <20characterswoop>

This is purely your preference to state your opinion, and you have every right to display it. But if anything I find your response disrespectful not because you said what you said but because you need to provide alternative names in the scope far superior than the names given. That being said, if you cannot provide names that are far superior than the ones stated in this thread then your statement of “all of these names are absolute garbage” has no merit to me and contributes little-to-nothing to the conversation. To simplify what I said, I find your response disrespectful because it is a waste of space in this thread.

On second note, @Riptide1 if you would like a name that is relatively simplistic you could go with names from the military alphabet


You should name it Bravo Oscar Tango Tango Yankee Mike Charlie Bravo Oscar Tango Foxtrot Alpha Charlie Echo


mate thanks for this. fyi my real name is Johnny and I just gave my opinion like everybody else who replied to this post.

The difference is that yours wasn’t constructive. As others have pointed out, you didn’t bring anything to the conversation. All you did was insult their name choice. If you think that’s productive, then you need to reconsider you intentions. Give some names that aren’t “absolute garbage” if you’re trying to help, or be honest about what you’re trying to do and admit that you aren’t creative and are feel the need to tear others down for it.


sure thing. Name: ___

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