Robot Name

What are some cool names that are related to vex? I want a interesting name that everybody will remember. I was thinking something like the “People Pinions” ???

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“gear shredders” :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s what my coach called me and my partner in our first year of vex

My robot was named DOMINATER!! It was awesome! :slight_smile:

Most people seemed to like our robot, “Sheila”. However, it’s not very VEX related.


Our robot was named “Tri-borg” at one point when we used a triboard to get judge’s attention at a local competition. The robot also had only 3 wheels at the time. Whatever works as a name, really.

Oh look, first post. Hi there!

It’s not really the name that makes the robot memorable, but more the robot that makes the name memorable. I’m sure the name “Fred” strikes fear and inspiration into the hearts of almost all of us, despite not being Vex related at all. :smiley:

Dont ever force a name on a robot. Each robot has a “personality” all their own. This year the robot’s name was “Fuzzy Bunny”, but in years past our FTC robot names were “THOR” and “DNAmy” as well as “Bendy Wendy”. Let the robot name itself.

we usually try to keep the name same throughout the whole year
that way, the name will gain recognition through different competitions

Same with us, but a catchy name would help them remember it a little better

We had a robot called CARWASH OF DOOM once… back in Elevation days

We should build that this year

Haha, I lolled at that… I’m sure there was no reason at all.:stuck_out_tongue:

We haven’t really named our robots until this year. We just kind of jokingly called 24B “The Beast”, and 24C was usually called “Anorexic”, though before Worlds we decided on “Little Bunny Foo Foo” because of the addition of the “Bunny Ears” (the descoring fork). :stuck_out_tongue: Obviously we found this a great excuse to sing the poem…


My team has always come up with some creative names…
Quad Quandary: Miracle and Miracle II (so named, because it was a literal miracle that everything worked so well on those)
Face-Off: Cookie Monster and Mailbox (so named, because one of them “ate” the pucks, or cookies, as one of the girls called them, and the other one had a flipper that opened and closed, making it like a mailbox)
Clean Sweep: Click and R2T2 (because our clutches clicked a lot, and because it was Robot2, Team2)
Roundup: Mohawk, Little Bot, and Millennium (because it looked like it had a mohawk, because it was the small robot that everyone picked on, and millennium, well… I don’t know how that one got it’s name…)

So as you can see, many of the robot names come from attributes that the said robot had… Personally, I would have gone with something like T800, or T1000… :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe HAL-9000, or Marvin the Paranoid Android… Or maybe even something old school, like Gort… (If you don’t know any of those names, you have failed cultural literacy… just sayin…)

you took my name for 1624a’s bot. i got it from a red vs blue referance

Yeah that’s where we got it from. Our next robot will most likely be “FILSS” (you red vs. blue people will get it).


Thanks for all the suggestions guys, i came up with the perfect name for the robot. Just can’t wait to test it out at our first competition.

Why wait 'till your first competition to test the name? The Vex forum is a great place for testing names and I’m sure all of the people who made suggestions would appreciate it too.

My robot from clean sweep was sometimes referred to as “The Wall of Doom.” It was a pretty cool name, unfortunately it was given to us by one of our unhappy alliance partners after we had some technical problems.

I would want to post it but i don’t know if anyone would steal it. (no offense to anyone)

575, Exothermic Haiku, named their robot Gutwrench the Horrible last year.

10B, Exothermic Blaze, named their robot Blur.

Other Exothermic robots this year included Graf Zeppelin, Huey, Amadeus, Slider, New Robot, and Sparky.

Probably the best-known Exothermic robot (at least on the forum) was *Zippy * which was a 'bot that never competed.

See – it doesn’t hurt to share these things, and you are bound to come up with something better than Gutwrench the Horrible.