Robot names?

Hi, I’m new to VEX this year, but I’m trying to catch up on years of missed learning. So do you have to name your robot, or is it fine to just identify with the number plates? Also, do you have to name your team? Thanks

No need to name your robot or your team. But it can be fun to do so. Also, it can help your team maintain an identity that holds year-to-year.

Here’s a fun team name thread with suggested names being discussed:

Yeah…robot names are pretty much there for fun. Team names MIGHT be part of registration, but I’m not too sure. I do know that some announcers tend to say team names and numbers at competitions.

we always name our robot (unofficially) as the letter after our name, for example our current robots name is 9065R Rick, plus there’s generally always a reference somewhere on it

Rick and Morty!

Our Team Names grew out of the four Greek elements, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. When we added a 5th team it became Life and then our 6th team became Faith (we are a Catholic school). As for Robot Names, those may change over the years depending on the particular students and not all will be named.

We’re running out of characters for robot names. We are at 41 robots now across VRC and IQ.

This page stills hows last year’s teams but you get the idea…

We still have plenty to choose from

If you don’t fill out the team name field, it will be more difficult to view your team’s results on VexDB. You could still search by number, but the links in team lists are based on the team name.

Robot names are optional. My team has not yet decided on a robot name, but we probably will have one by the end of the year (and likely by the first tournament).