Robot Names

Hey guys, so I was looking around the forum to see any cool robot names but only found a few really old threads. So I would like to here your guy’s robot names and how you got them.

For anyone curious my robot’s name is Brian.
Edit: Found a different one that is somewhat new.

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My second year of VEX (IQ) we had two bots. Wall-E and Wallis.
Wall-E ‘cause, you know, Wall-E. And Wallis ‘cause my coach had a mustache that he named Wallis, lol.
He was in the military at the time, and was gone for most of season. It was a way to recognize him and a way for him to be there at our comps even though he couldn’t attend.

Last year our bot was named Hubb-E, because of the hubs lol. Our sister team’s bot was Tubb-E (Pronounced “toob-ie”).

This year the guys named our bot Doge. Oof.


My robot’s name is Frederick, named after some… slightly immature humor from the beginning of the season. My sister team started with the name Blast but has changed it so many times that no one really knows what it is at this point.


In our first year, during In The Zone, we named our robot Delta Alpha Bravo (DAB) and forgot how to change it until this year.

This year Jospephi and up until this year it was Kevin Bacon

Named ours FOOD during turning point, and still going strong.
I already posted this, but I love to randomly mention it.
(I mean, who doesn’t like food?)

Edit: spelling

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Ours was pac-man early season but has changed to yoshi.

Our robot’s unofficial name is Ethel but we might rename it

P l u t o

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My teams first robot was named Jonathan Rogers, after one of our mentors. The other 2 robots will need context. My team’s name is ACRONYM, and so our 2nd and 3rd robots were named ABREVIATION (yes, misspelled) and ACROSTIC, respectively. ACROSTIC is the current robot.

That’s so wholesome.

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I call my robot Jankbot because my robots used to suck. They’ve gotten better, but I still call my robots jankbot.

My robot is called Antivenom because our team name is Orange Mambas.

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Ours is named Snowbot

Our current robot (our second this season) is named Gibbs because of Gibbs free energy. Our first robot was named Kelvin because our team is Absolute Zero.

We’re planning on naming our robot next year Yokai, hence the pfp/logo.

My bot r/n is called Sharkey and The Barrier Reef.
We are the sharks, hence Sharkey, and it has a wall, hence barrier reef

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my bot is named “Princess” due to its astonishingly high pickiness on when to download and when to run.

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“Hey, do we have a name for our new robot?”
“No, not yet.”
** starts typing class NoNotYet : public Robot {


Our robot’s name is Nova, partially because it sounds like the Spanish word for new (nueva) and we are new to VRC. Previous years in IQ our robot was named Rooku (still don’t know why), Skywalker, Star Dust and Blue. Skywalker and Star Dust because of Star Wars and Blue from Jurassic World (and also because our robot was blue).