Robot needs to be forced to make a roller spin

Me and my group keep adjusting the programming to make our anonymous code work but It only works when we force it and push it into the roller does anybody have any information on how I could fix this?

You may have to have the drivetrain move slowly forwards to apply pressure to the roller so that the wheels have more grip. when I go for the rollers in driver control, I drive into the roller as I am spinning it.

Do you mean the motor doesn’t even start moving? If thats the case, I think the problem might be in the line before that, the robot might not be able to go the full 8.5" forward, which means it wont ever exit that step, and wont roll its rollers.

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the motor works it jsut can’t build up enough traction even when i try to approah slower it just bounces off

I would first check the motor to see if its running properly. Plug in a different motor and see if theres a difference.

I haven’t used blocks to code in a while, but we have other teams at my school that do, and they use voltage to control the motors accurately. Try running the motor with the voltage block, run it at 12 volts (max for these motors, im assuming your’e using Vex V5), then wait for a certain amount of time and then stop the motor. You’ll have to tune the wait time a bit more, but that should guarantee the motor is running at max.

Another thing you should check is the build itself, if you could share an image that might be helpful. If it is geared in any way that could cause issues, or if multiple things are ran with 1 motor that could also cause issues.

I was just talking to one of my teams about this potential issue about 10 minutes before I saw this post…

You need to have some method to keep pressure between your roller mechanism and the roller. As mentioned above, this could be with a little voltage to the drive motors, but you also could design some flex into your roller mechanism to help apply pressure (which will increase the normal force, thus increasing friction,…)

Maybe you combine both these strategies.

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If your motor is a rev10 motor, don’t run at 12 volts because it will kill the motor.

we cant use voltage because we are using a drive train.