Robot not doing anything

I have this code for my robot. I download and run, but it just doesn’t do anything. Anyone see anything wrong?

Did you create the moveBot function? I didn’t see any moveBot function being created. Also, I dont think you need to put “move::” in front of the function since all you need to do is call on the function.


A few of obvious things to check first,

  1. Did you connect motors to the correct ports?
  2. Is the controller on and connected?
  3. Are you running the program, make sure you are not running the demo code or a different program

On to your code, What are you trying to achieve with this code? Driver control, autonomous? It is hard to debug if we don’t know what the intent of your code is. Does the driver control portion of the code work?


Yes, they are in thr right ports and controller works

What happens is that pre-auton works but after thr preauton , neither user control or auton is running.

Yes I created the botMove function In a header file and defined it in a cpp file, that is not the error, since that that works. What is happening is that the bot won’t do anything when in user control

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try putting a vex::task::sleep(10); in your while loop.

ill try that tomorrow!