Robot not driving straight and pulls both directions

robot literally cant drive straight when driving slow pulls to the left and at full speed pulls to the right

i have tested each motor and they seem fine but there is a lot of wheel movement without turing the motor and sqeeks when the wheel is in a certain position

well, do you have bearing flats on the wheels? Or a bent axle? Probably posting a video can help the most, with closeups of the drive train.

ya i have bearing on the gears and wheels and not any bent axles that i can see

Still send a video though, maybe something pokes out at me. Try new wheels would be the first thing to do. You can use different sizes, it won’t really matter. We can narrow down the problem from there. (3.8 MB)

Looks like it might be a code problem. Not entirely sure though, I had something similar happen to me but it was much more extreme. Make the entire drivetrain move forward and backward based on buttons, as in left and right side are moved forward by the A button and backward with B or soemthing like that. That might help.

okay thanks ill see if its a code issue

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